Exploring the Best Outdoor Restaurants and Rooftop Bars in Panama City, Florida

Discover some of Panama City's best outdoor restaurants & rooftop bars! From Sama Sky Lounge to The Grand Marlin & more - find your perfect spot!

Exploring the Best Outdoor Restaurants and Rooftop Bars in Panama City, Florida

Are you looking for the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious meal and a stunning view in Panama City, Florida? Look no further! Panama City is home to some of the best outdoor restaurants and rooftop bars in the area. From Runaway Island to Sama Sky Lounge, there are plenty of options for outdoor dining and drinks with a view. If you're looking for a rooftop bar in Panama City that boasts an impressive view of the city skyline and the sea, while enjoying great live performances and a unique atmosphere, Sama Sky Lounge is the place to be. Located in the heart of Casco Viejo, this modern place has an oriental accent and an electrifying atmosphere, enjoyed by both locals and tourists.

Come relax after a long day and enjoy the incredible sunset, enjoy a romantic evening or dance the night away. Tantalo Boutique Hotel is another popular rooftop bar in Panama City, located in the Casco Viejo area. Located at the top of the hotel, Tantalo Roofbar focuses on serving well-crafted cocktails and magical views of the old town, with the city skyline as a powerful backdrop. Open every night, this charming, modern and stylish rooftop bar is ideal for casual nighttime drinks with a more vibrant outdoor atmosphere at night and on weekends.

Selina Rooftop is one of the hottest spots in Panama City, almost always available for lots of fun. Located at the top of the Selina Casco Viejo hostel, this spacious, colorful and elegant rooftop terrace has a rooftop pool and lots of greenery. Up here you can enjoy weekly events, such as acoustic concerts and live DJs, while enjoying craft beers and refreshing cocktails, all with fantastic views of the Casco Viejo and the city skyline.

Bay View

apartment building in El Marañón, El Faro del Casco Antiguo is another modern and spacious place to really enjoy Panama City from above.

Spread over two levels, both the indoor restaurant on the 27th floor with panoramic windows and the bright and elegant rooftop bar on the 28th floor are surrounded by incredible 360° views over the city and the ocean. With a wide and varied menu, here you can enjoy traditional food with a touch of modernity, as well as a wide selection of drinks.


is another great option for outdoor dining in Panama City. This five-floor building offers vibes, food and drinks located in the heart of Casco Viejo.

The different restaurants are located on the lower floors of the building, while on the 4th floor there is Club-Disco nightclub, and on the upper floor there is 360º Terrace and CasaCasco rooftop bar. With an elegant and luxurious setting, this rooftop offers panoramic views of the sea and city skyline, a wide selection of fine drinks and a menu of smaller snacks from each of its 3 restaurants below.

Gastro Lounge Numen Rooftop

is located at the top of La Concordia Boutique Hotel in Casco Viejo. From its charming terrace surrounded by cozy lighting you can enjoy a fantastic 360º view over Panama City and some of its most emblematic places.

Also known as Rooftop at La Concordia, this rooftop restaurant and bar serves a wide variety of excellent cocktails and tasty fusion tapas complemented by live music.

Luna Rooftop

is another modern sky bar restaurant located on PH Downtown 55 Street apartment building in Obarrio. On its lush outdoor terrace you can enjoy craft cocktails, beers, wine and sangria to tapas-style dishes with some of Panama City's best views. Visit for great drinks and beautiful sunsets or special nights with friends or loved ones.

The WET Deck

terrace on 15th floor of W Panama offers an unbeatable combination of drinks and baths in its fantastic rooftop pool surrounded by panoramic views of city's glittering skyscrapers. Guests staying at hotel can enjoy this elevated environment throughout week while weekends WET Deck Bar is open to everyone serving fruity drinks international snacks. The roofs available in Panama City are usually located in center or slightly finer neighborhoods while boasting impressive skyline luxurious soaring rooftop lounges many best rooftops in Panama are more charming but less elevated terraces in Casco Viejo (Old City) area. Panama City Beach's unique location as nexus between American South Gulf Coast makes for vibrant local cuisine so what is best rooftop in Panama? Just scroll down find Panama City rooftop bar that best suits your needs.

The Grand Marlin

has main dining room with on-demand shelled oyster bar outdoor North Drop bar views Grand Lagoon whether you want traditional American fare savory Southern cuisine freshest seafood area Panama City Beach offers vibrant dining experience as appealing coastal views.